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Friday, July 1, 2011

Important Terms & Definitions - Managing Project Work

Let us wrap up the series on Project Execution by learning the key terms that were covered in the previous set of chapters.

Corrective actions - Directions for executing the project work to bring expected project performance in conformance with the project management plan. This is an output item of the QA process.
Perform quality assurance - A process used for ensuring that quality requirements are met.
Preventive actions - Directions to perform an activity that will reduce the probability of negative consequences associated with project risks. These preventive actions are recommended by the QA process during process analysis.
Process analysis - A technique used to identify the needed improvements in a process by following the steps outlined in the process improvement plan.
Process improvement - An iterative method for improving the quality of all processes.
Procurement - Refers to obtaining (purchasing or renting) products, services, or results from outside the project team to complete the project.
Procurement management - An execution of a set of processes used to obtain products, services, or results from outside the project team to complete the project.
Project interfaces - The formal and informal boundaries and relationships among team members, departments, organizations, or functions. An example might be how the development department and the QA department interact with each other while working on the same project.
Quality - The degree to which the set of characteristics inherent to the product or services offered by the project meet the project requirements.
Quality audit - A structured and independent review to determine whether project activities comply with the policies processes, and procedures of the project and the performing organization. It verifies the implementation of approved change requests, corrective actions, defect repairs, and preventive actions.

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