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Agile Project Management Using Scrum

Scrum is a very popular Agile Project Management Methodology that can be used to manage projects, programs and portfolios of any size or industry or complexity.

The following series of articles will help you learn more about Scrum and practice the same effectively!!

  1. Scrum Basics
  2. History of Scrum and Why Scrum is Better
  3. Participants in Scrum
  4. A Typical Sprint
  5. When to use Scrum
  6. Things you need to know About Scrum
  7. Scrum Meetings
  8. Scrum Artefacts
  9. What is a Story Point?
  10. Why should I use Story Points for Estimation?
  11. What is Meant by Team Velocity?
  12. The Importance of the Product Backlog
  13. Writing a Good User Story
  14. Tracking Unfinished User Stories 
  15. Can a Traditional Functional Specs Document be converted to User Stories?
  16. Do we need a Lead Product Owner?
  17. Do we need Retrospective Meetings every Iteration?
  18. Running Effective Retrospective Meetings 
  19. The Golden Triangle in Scrum
  20. Is Iterative Software Development Really Agile?
  21. Is change free in Agile?
  22. Do we need a Complicated Story Hierarchy?
  23. Should teams set a Target Scope during Sprint Planning?
  24. Can Product Owner also be the Scrum Master?
  25. Does a Scrum Project Need Sprint 0?

If you want me to write about a specific topic in scrum, feel free to sound off in the comments section.

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