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PMP Exam Prep - Tips, Tricks and Sample Questions

Below are some articles that will help us in our common goal of achieving the PMP Certification.

1. PMP Test Taking Tips
2. Glossary of Terms used by PMBoK for PMP Exam Prepration

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Points to Remember:

Below are some important points that you need to remember about the various Knowledge Areas in the PMBOK. These are points I noted down while I was going through these chapters. Thought they might be useful to you to refresh your memory on the day before the exam.

1. Introduction to Projects & Project Management
2. Relationship between Knowledge Areas & Process Groups
3. Project Integration Management
4. Project Scope Management
5. Project Time Management
6. Project Cost Management
7. Project Quality Management
8. Project Human Resource Management
9. Project Communication Management
10. Project Risk Management
11. Project Procurement Management
12. Ethics & Professional Responsibility

As you read the topics for the PMP Certification Exam you may have many doubts and questions that arise. Some are answered in the following links:

1. Some Nice Questions - Part 1
2. Some Nice Questions - Part 2
3. Some Nice Questions - Part 3

Apart from these, there are few things that you need to keep in mind just before the exam. They are:

Things to do just before the PMP Exam

Passing the PMP Exam on your First Attempt:

Many experienced Project Managers fail to pass the PMP Exam because of one simple mistake "Failing to think the PMI Way". Yes, you read it right. You need to think the PMI Way in order to pass the exam.

You may be an experienced project manager with years of hands-on experience handling teams and projects but, how we react to certain situations in real life may be different than what PMI Advocates. So, if a questions asks you, how you would react to a particular situation, without thinking any further say "The PMI Way, The Way PMBOK Guides Us" because, as per PMI that is the right answer and you need to select it in order to pass the exam.

The following series of chapters will help you fine-tune your thinking to the PMI Way and help you crack those difficult questions in the exam.

1. General PMI Themes
2. Project Framework
3. Project Initiation 
4. Project Planning
5. Project Executing
6. Project Monitoring & Controlling
7. Project Closing
8. Ethics & Professional Responsibility

Hope you find it useful. Best of Luck!!!

Sample PMP Mock Exams:

1. From HeadFirstPMP:

The publishers of the book Head First PMP - O'Reily Publications have a Mock Exam for the PMP Exam. It can be found in the link below:


2. From PMStudy.com

Click Here to open that Page.

3. From Mosaic Projects

30 sample questions and answers.

Questions: http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/ftp/Free_PMP_Questions.xls

Answers: http://www.mosaicprojects.com.au/ftp/Free_PMP_Answers.pdf

4. Oliver Lehmann - 75 Questions Online Test


5. MyPMP (Requires Registration. 3 Free Tests)


6. PMPforSure (Requires Registration - 1 Free test with 100 Questions)


7. 120 Questions Free Test from PM Prep Cast 

8. 75 Free questions by Edwel Programs (Based on PMBOK 5th Edition)

9. 100 Free questions by Edwel Programs (Based on PMBOK 5th Edition)

This can be very useful for you to practice for the real thing.

Also, you can try out the exam simulator or mock exams below

PMP Exam Simulator 300X250


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