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Fast Forward PMP Exam Preparation

In my earlier series PMP Certification Study Guide we took a detailed look at the various topics that are covered by the PMP Certification examination.

In this series, we are going to take a Fast Forward look at those topics that will help you browse through the knowledge areas required for the PMP Certification Exam and refresh your memory.

This series is not a full-fledged study material for the PMP Certification and hence I would suggest you go through my earlier series PMP Certification Study Guide to understand the detailed concepts before reading this fast forward refresher series.

This Series is organized into 7 Sections, each with chapters that explain/elaborate the intended topic and a Summary Section that summarizes the key points covered by each major topic for the PMP Exam.

Note: In each of these chapters, I will be placing links to the detailed chapters from the earlier series PMP Certification Study Guide so that you can go through them in case you wish to revisit the chapter and strengthen your knowledge of the topic.

Section 1: Project Management Framework Fundamentals
1.1: Project Management Framework
1.2: Project Management Knowledge Areas
1.3: Organizational Frameworks
1.4: Project Lifecycle

Section 2: Understanding Project Initiation
2.1: Initiating Process Group
2.2: Project Integration Management as part of Project Initiation
2.3: Project Communications Management as part of Project Initiation
2.4: What a Project Manager Needs to Know about Project Initiation

Section 3: Understanding Project Planning
3.1: Understanding PMI’s Planning Process Group
3.2: Project Integration Management in Project Planning Phase
3.3: Project Scope Management as part of Project Planning
3.4: Activity Planning - Creating the Project Schedule
3.5: Project Cost Estimation
3.6: Quality Management
3.7: Quality Theories and PMI Quality Management Approach
3.8: Human Resource Management
3.9: Communications Management
3.10: Risk Management
3.11: Procurement Management

Section 4: Understanding Project Execution
4.1: Integration Management
4.2: Quality Management
4.3: Human Resource Management
4.4: Communications Management
4.5: Procurement Management

Section 5: Understanding Project Monitoring and Controlling
5.1: Integration Management
5.2: Scope Management
5.3: Time Management
5.4: Cost Management
5.5: Quality Management
5.6: Communications Management
5.7: Risk Management
5.8: Procurement Management

Section 6: Understanding Project Closure
6.1: The Closing Process Group

Section 7: Understanding Professional and Social Responsibility
7.1: The PMI Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
7.2: Responsibility
7.3: Respect
7.4: Fairness
7.5: Honesty

Section 8: Summary
8.1: Project Management Framework
8.2: Project Management Process Groups
8.3: Project Management Knowledge Areas
8.4: PMI Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

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Happy PMP Exam Revisions!!!

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