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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chapter 32: Procurement Management during Monitoring & Controlling the Project

Aim: To understand the Administer Procurements process

The administer procurements process is the blueprint for managing the procurements process and making any changes as necessary. It is the process of comparing vendor or service performance to the contractual service level agreements (SLA). Due to its implications and its potential effect across several sections of the project or the enterprise, all team members must be aware of the legal ramifications of any change in the contractual relationship. In addition, project-vendor disbursements tend to tie the SLAs, or performance agreements, and deliverables to direct cash expenditures.

At all cost, you must avoid any undocumented or unapproved cash disbursements or change that might go against your project deliverables.

The table below shows the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for the administer procurements process.

Administer Procurements
Inputs Tools & Techniques Outputs

Procurement documents
Project management plan
Performance reports
Approved change requests
Work performance information

Contract change control system
Procurement performance reviews
Inspections and audits
Performance reporting
Payment systems
Claims administration
Records management system

Procurement documentation
Organizational processes assets updates
Change requests
Project management plan updates
In general, the project procurements administrator is from the procurement management office and/or your legal department and has the authority to issue change requests or early terminations.

Remember that all communications pertaining to procurement administration must follow formal channels and be logged in your project log.

Your procurement administration process should include mechanisms that allow for contract renegotiation, management response, and payment terms definitions.

To know more about the Administer Procurements process Click Here

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