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Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 32: Before and After the WBS

In the previous chapter, we saw how to create the WBS. Since the WBS is an important artifact, it would be better if we take a look at it with some more details.

So, lets get started!!!

Creating the WBS:

Even though we looked at how to create the WBS in great detail, it would make it easier for you to understand the whole process if we have another picture to explain it. Below is a picture that explains how the WBS is created.

In the picture above, each of the boxes is a document/artifact and arrows indicate the direction in which data flows. The numbers indicate the order in which data flows. For ex: The contract and the SOW are inputs to create the Project Charter. Similarly the Project Charter is an input to create the Stakeholder Register and these two together are inputs to the Requirement Documentation step and so on.

The WBS is at the heart of project management. It affects directly or indirectly almost all the processes that are performed after its creation.

Processes Based on the WBS:

As part of managing the project, there are many processes that are directly based on the WBS as part of the Scope Baseline. They are:

1. Cost Estimation
2. Quality Planning
3. Risk Identification
4. Procurement Planning
5. Defining Activities for Project Schedule
6. Budget Determination

Let us look at a diagram to understand this better.

The three most important things you need to understand about Project Scope Planning are:
• You need to collect requirements by using the Collect Requirements process before you can define the project scope.
• The requirements documentation generated by the Collect Requirements process and the project charter generated during the project initiation are used to define the scope, which is documented in the project scope statement.
• The requirements documentation and the project scope statement are input items to create the work breakdown structure (WBS), which is a breakdown of project deliverables into manageable pieces called work packages. The WBS is supported by another document called the WBS dictionary, which offers details for the WBS components.

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