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Sunday, May 1, 2011

About the PMP Exam

The Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most respected Certifications in the Software Development Industry. Getting PMP Certified is not easy and any individual with this certification is respected by everyone in the industry. This is what makes this a valuable addition to your resume if you are interested in Project Management as a Career.

A person with a PMP Certification represents the fact that, he/she is an established project manager and has the experience and expertise to manage projects effectively and make them a success.

Eligibility Requirements in order to take the PMP Exam:

Minimum Educational Background:
Category 1 – Bachelors Degree Category
Category 2 – High School Diploma

Minimum Project Management Experience:
Category 1 – 4500 Hours
Category 2 – 7500 Hours

Minimum Formal Project Management Education:
35 Contact Hours for both Category 1 and Category 2

Details of the PMP Exam:

The PMP Exam is a Multiple Choice type of Exam which will contain 175 questions and an additional 25 pretest questions.

Remember that the scores for these 25 questions do not affect your final score.

Getting PMP Certified:

Step 1: Register in the PMI Website
Step 2: Register for the 35 hour Project Management Training
Step 3: Read the PMBOK Guide and any other book (And my blog if you like) to prepare for the PMP Certification
Step 4: Decide your Exam Date and prepare properly
Step 5: Crack your exam and get your Certification

About this Blog:

This blog is an attempt to help you get PMP Certified. I am no Project Management expert either. I am currently preparing for my PMP Certification and reading many big books on the topic like the PMBOK Guide and others. The sequence of chapters in this blog are all based on my understanding of the topics learnt during my study.

This blog will be split into 5 sections each of them covering the various topics covered by the PMP Exam. Below are the % of questions that can be expected from the various topics in the PMP Certification.

Initiating the Project – 11%
Planning the Project – 23%
Executing the Project – 27%
Monitoring and Controlling the Project – 21%
Closing the Project – 9%
Professional & Social Responsibility – 9%

Total works out to 100% doesn’t it :)

For the most up-to-date information regarding these examinations, please visit the certification section of PMI’s website at www.pmi.org.

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  1. Can you post some sample exam questions?

  2. Can you provide the details on the difference between Category 1 and Category 2?

    1. @ Astro

      The difference between Categories 1 & 2 lies in their educational qualification.

      Category 1 includes people who have a bachelors degree (full time education from a registered university) whereas the category 2 includes people who have just finished high school. Since the degree holders (college grad's) have had some extra education, PMI gives them some benefits in terms of the hours of experience they require. So, they require only 4500 hours while the high school folks need 7500 hours.

      Apart from this, there is no major difference between either category. Both groups are project managers who are active managing their own projects and are eligible to take up the PMP Exam (provided they meet all the requirements)


  3. what from above information is if i want to become a PMP certified prof ....one should have prior project management experience in project execution........is it what i understand right? is it mandatory that i should have prior prj mgmt exp? secondly can one get jobs in NON IT sectors in india if PMP Certified?

    1. Harik - PMP is for Project Managers and yes Project Management Experience is vital for the same. Without PM Experience, even if you manage to get your application accepted, passing the exam will be that much harder because most of the Questions will be scenario based to test your experience and expertise as a project manager.

      As far as I know, Non IT Sectors are still not too hot with regards to the PMP certification in India plus I am an IT person and may not be the best to comment on other sectors.

  4. I have done Aeronautical engineering from aeronautical society of India. It is a correspondence degree course. Am I eligible for catagory-1. Also How we can show 4500 hours of working experience. Currently, I am working as Manager (FEA projects) in India. I have an working experience of 8 years.

    1. 4500 hours of working experience is calculated based on how much time you spent as a project manager. 1 month is roughly 200 hours. So, in one year you can have around 2400 hours of project management experience.

      As long as the course is a bachelors degree you can be eligible for category 1


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