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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chapter 24: Planning the Project

In the previous chapters, we learnt how to Initiate a Project, how to create a project charter, how to identify stakeholders and how to prepare a stakeholder management strategy.

The next big step after initiating a project is to plan for the project.

What is Project Planning?

Any Project that needs to be executed has to be planned. Any tasks that was begun without proper planning and due diligence is almost always a failure. So, as a responsible project manager you have to plan your project properly to ensure that, your baby is a success. After all, which project manager wants to spend months of his time on a failing cause? Atleast, I don’t …

What are the Phases Involved in Project Planning?

Project Planning involves 4 important phases. They are:
1. Planning the Project Scope
2. Planning the Project Resources
3. Planning the Project Schedule
4. Planning Quality & Risk Management

Each of these 4 phases is equally important and have a significant impact on the success of the project.

As Project Managers we need to put in dedicated effort to plan for each of these phases and as expected, the PMP exam covers each of these in depth.

In the forthcoming chapters, we will be starting with Project Scope Management and then move on to the other phases in Project Planning one by one.

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