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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Study Plan for the PMI Risk Management Professional (RMP) Certification

Now that we are equipped with all the information we need to start our preparation for the PMI RMP Certification, the next logical thing to do is to formulate a Study Plan. Below are some things we need to do…

1. Decide on What to Study
a. This is a complicated area of Project Management. So, choosing the right study material will help you greatly towards your quest of the PMI-RMP Certification
b. I will be referring to multiple sources during my preparation for this Certification. I will try to share as much information as possible in this blog so that you too can utilize that knowledge
2. Read the PMBOK Guide at least once
3. Thoroughly understand the Risk Management Section of the PMBOK Guide
4. There is a Practice Standard for Project Risk Management (You can call it the RMBOK if you want) that PMI has published & sells. But, based on the reviews I have heard about the book, it is just the Risk Management section of the PMBOK split out as a separate book with not much value addition. However, if you are interested you can buy this book and read it
5. Take atleast one or two full-length practice exams before the actual exam

Exam Tips:
1. All Questions will be multiple choice with no negative marking
2. There will be no choices like None of the Above or All of the Above.
3. Only one answer will be correct for all questions.
4. So, go ahead and take educated guesses for questions that you are not sure of. There is a 25% probability that it will be correct
5. Always answer all questions from the PMI Perspective. You may do certain things differently in real life. But, for the exam – the PMI Perspective is what will get you marks
6. Questions may have excess information. Don’t get overwhelmed by the same. Read the question patiently and answer the question based on only the relevant information and not the superfluous information
7. When in doubt, go through the process of Elimination to arrive the most probable answer

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