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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PMP Exam Nuggets - Introduction to Project Management

Defining What a Project Is—and Is Not
o Projects are temporary, unique, and create a product or service.

o Projects move from concept to completion through progressive elaboration.

o Not all projects get selected. The decisions to choose one project over another may vary from organization to organization. The process, however, may be called project portfolio management.

o Projects have a definite beginning, middle, and ending; operations do not.

o Project management offices standardize the project management approach within an organization.
Defining Project Management
o Within the project management framework are nine knowledge areas, which span the project management life cycle.

o The focus of project integration management is managing all of the interactions of project components, processes, and knowledge areas.

o The focus of project scope management is on protecting, fulfilling, and delivering the project scope.

o The focus of project time management is on scheduling activities, monitoring the project schedule, and working with the project team and stakeholders to ensure the project completes on time.

o The focus of project cost management is on estimating and maintaining project costs.

o The focus of project quality management is on setting the quality expectations and then delivering the project product with the expected level of quality.

o The focus of project human resources management is on developing the project team to work together to deliver the project as expected.

o The focus of project communications management is on delivering needed information to the correct parties at the correct time. Much of project communications is on keeping the stakeholder informed of the project issues, risk, progress, and overall performance.

o The focus of project risk management is on identifying, mitigating, and managing project risks.

o The focus of project procurement management is soliciting, selecting, and managing vendors to complete project work or supply project materials.
Examining Related Areas of Project Management
o Projects often operate under the auspices of a PMO or a program. A program is a collection of projects working together for a common goal.

o A project manager must have multiple skills to be successful, including the ability to communicate, manage a budget, be organized, negotiate, and provide leadership for the project.

o Project managers in different sectors of business and nonprofit entities will encounter situations unique to their area of expertise. For example, a project manager of a construction project will have different issues and concerns than a project manager of a manufacturing project.

o Project managers require organization, problem solving, communication, and leadership skills and management abilities.

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  1. Defining the responsibilities of a project manager should be the first thing that the people should know about before they are able to understand the scope of their work. Taking the role of a Project Manager is a really big task that someone should fill, skills are, of course very essential too. Without these skills, how can a Project Manager fulfill his duties?


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