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Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Simple Step by step Process to become PMI ACP Certified

If you are someone who already has a PMI Certification, this article may sound redundant to you. You are free to skip this one and move on to the next one in the series but I would recommend you spend a few mins to refresh your memory. 

The prerequisite here is the decision that you want to take up the PMI ACP certification…

Step 1: Attend the Mandatory PMI ACP Training
  • It is mandatory to have 21 hours of Agile project management training.
  • You can attend classroom training or complete 21 hours through e-learning offered by various education providers.
  • While submitting the application kit for PMI-ACP exam, the details of this training are to be furnished.
  • It is better to get this training through registered education provider (REP) of PMI.

Step 2 (Optional): Sign up for PMI Membership 
  • PMI membership is not mandatory for the PMI-ACP certification, but recommended. 
  • By becoming a member you can get yourself a copy of the latest version of PMBOK as well as discounts on PMI books and Certification Fees.
Step 3: Submit the PMI ACP Exam Application 
  • You need to fill up an online application form which includes details about your education, project management experience as well as the Training you have attended 
  • Once you fill up the details and submit the application, PMI will give you an acknowledgement for the same 
  • PMI would send you an Eligibility letter within 1-2 weeks of the submission
  • This letter is valid for 1 year from the date of issue which means you have 1 year to finish the remaining steps
Step 4: Prepare for the Exam 
  • This is the step that would require the most amount of time
  • There are numerous great resources available to help you prepare for the PMI ACP Exam including this blog 
  • Rita’s book has fantastic reviews or reach me via email (anandvijayakumar007@gmail.com) for guidance 
Step 5: Pay the Exam Fee to PMI 
  • Using the eligibility letter you need to login to PMIs portal and then input your credit card information to pay the exam fee
  • The fee (as of this writing) is US$ 435 for a PMI Member and US$ 495 for a Non-Member. 
  • Once you make the payment, you will receive a receipt
Step 6: Contact your local Prometric Centre and fix up the Exam Date 
  • Once you are done with your prep and are confident that you will be able to take up the exam, contact your nearest prometric centre and fix the exam date

Step 7 (Optional): Attend Revision Classes 
  • Some of the PMI ACP Training centers also give you an option to attend a Revision class to brush up your knowledge
  • Some are free for past students while some are paid. It is up to you to choose whether you want a revision class

Step 8: Take at least 3-5 Full Length Mock Exams
  • Mock Exams are a great way to test out if we are ready for the real deal 
  • Treat Mock Exams like they were the real thing and don't get up in the middle or refer to study material
  • Make sure to understand the rationale behind the answers for the Q’s you got wrong 

Step 9: Crack the Exam 
  • Don't get stressed out before the Exam. You will have a full 3 hours to answer 120 questions which will be more than sufficient for the exam
  • Questions will test your knowledge of the topics as well how you would react in a hypothetical situation

Step 10: Celebrate with your family and loved ones and don't forget to share your experience comments with the readers of this blog once you are successfully PMI ACP Certified. 

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