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Friday, April 26, 2013

The Risk Management Processes

The Practice Standard for Risk Management actually covers the same set of processes that you could find in the PMBoK but there is a subtle difference. The PMBoK is all about Inputs, tools & techniques and outputs. Whereas, the Practice Standard adds more than just that, it adds a lot of details that you wouldn’t find in the PMBoK guide.

Ok, the six risk management processes that are part of the PMBoK Guide and the Practice Standard have been covered in great detail in our blog in the preceding sections. But, let us quickly summarize what the Practice Standard has to say about those processes.

1. Plan Risk Management – Define the Scope and Objective of Project Risk Management knowledge area and ensure that risk processes are fully integrated into wider project management.
2. Identify Risks – Identify as many known risks as practically possible
3. Perform Qualitative Analysis – Evaluate the key characteristics of individual risks so that they can be prioritized for further action
4. Perform Quantitative Analysis – Evaluate the combined risk on the overall project
5. Plan Risk Responses – Determine response strategies and actions for individual & overall project risks and integrate them into a plan
6. Monitor and Control Risks – Implement the approved response strategies, review changes, identify additional risk management actions required and assess the effectiveness of overall risk processes

Lastly, the Practice Standard mentions something that we have gone over multiple times. It says that the risk management processes are iterative and dynamic in nature. They must be tailored to suit the needs of your respective projects.

This wraps up all the articles in the series on PMI-RMP Exam Preparation. All the very best for your Exam. You can view the whole series in the Index Page by clicking here.

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