Monday, February 4, 2019

The 8 Steps of the PMO Value Ring Methodology

In the previous article, I talked about what makes the Value Ring Methodology Unique. In this article, we will be talking about the 8 Steps of the Value Ring Methodology that would help you as a PMO Leader to transform your PMO.

The 8 Steps of PMO Value Ring Methodology (Source: PMOGA)

Step 1: Find out the most important & appropriate functions for your PMO, according to the needs of your stakeholders 

Step 2: Balance the set of your PMO’s functions to generate value perception among your stakeholders 

Step 3: Design your PMO Processes using the best practices and recommendations from industry experts 

Step 4: Select Performance Indicators and demonstrate how your PMO is generating value 

Step 5: Evaluate your team, use recommendations to best allocate your team to the different functions and create development plans for team members 

Step 6: Evaluate the maturity of your PMO and plan for your evolution

Step 7: Find out the potential returns your PMO could generate by taking into account the current state of your company

Step 8: Define how your PMOs performance will be reported to executive management via Strategic Dashboard 

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